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Photos from the Fall 2004 Workshop - click on photo for larger view
basset.jpg (171095 bytes) rottie.jpg (29945 bytes) border.jpg (175546 bytes)
A Basset Hound looking for its glove 
near the end of its certification track.
The Rottweiler worked at a steady pace 
throughout its certification track.
This Border Collie easily passed 
its certification track.
springer.jpg (166469 bytes) classroom.jpg (114553 bytes) beginners.jpg (159921 bytes)
This Springer Spaniel also ran 
a successful certification track.
More than 50 braved the September heat 
to attend the two-day workshop.
Beginners getting ready to learn about starts.
starts.jpg (148353 bytes) starts2.jpg (217823 bytes) beg follow.jpg (114534 bytes)
A Keeshond learns to track. Discussing start routines. Introducing beginner dogs to a typical TD field.
scent.jpg (122936 bytes) cover.jpg (243819 bytes) playground.jpg (126081 bytes)
Advanced dogs experienced a 
variety of scenting challenges.
Playing "Follow Me" through
changes of cover.
Playgrounds offer interesting 
scents and surfaces.
articles.jpg (159445 bytes) shade.jpg (156840 bytes) tired.jpg (133188 bytes)
Learning how to shape article indication. Taking a break in the shade. Dog tired!


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