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Photos from our January 4, 2009 TD/TDX Test
Judges: Kathleen Milford & Carol Ruthenberg
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The fog was just starting to lift as
an English Cocker named Grace started her track.

Pulling steadily toward her prize.

New TD title for
Grace Under Pressure, CD RN TD
 and first time handler, Cynthia Krohn
on a track laid by Jon Bishop.


Next up, a Doberman who pulls hard into the
harness with her nose deep in the grass.

Selkie shows off her classic tracking
silhouette against the fog and haze.

Showing off her glove is
Ch Merrimac’s Irish Selkie,
RA EF MX MXJ TD and handler, Kathy McLemore
on a track laid by Deborah Davis. 


The second X track was run by a hard-pulling,
very precise, Rottweiler.

It was easy to tell when Turbo found an article
on the track laid by Cindy Sheffield.

Freq’t Turbulents V Muhlental, CGC CD RN TDX
was warm and panting, but grinning
from ear to ear as his handler, Brenda Gin Joe waved the glove for all to see.


With tail wagging, the Golden on X3 happily made its way past the first set of cross tracks.

Headed toward his 2nd obstacle, a long thick stand of trees.

Dal-Rhe River Run Irreplaceable,
RA JH AX AXJ NF TDX was handled by
Pat Jones on a track laid by Tom Hacholski.


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