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Photos from our November 26, 2006 VST Test

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The teams works down the side of a building as they approach the 3rd article. "We found something!" Congratulations to Sandra Shaner and her 12 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, R & D Tetanus Lockjaw who earned her VST and completed their
CT title under judges Linda Bryan and Art Twiss
on a track laid by Mary Wilmoth.
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As tracklayer, Mary earned the very first VST edition of STA's "I'm Stinky" t-shirts. Art shows the new
Champion Tracker his trophy.
Click her for pictures of the other entrants.

Photos from our November 12, 2006 TD/TDX Test

This Weimaraner, handled by a first-time
tracker, did a great job.

Chris waves the glove high for all to see.

A new TD title for Chris Dupont and
Arnstadt's Home Team under judges
Jeff Shaver and Kathy Hawkins
on a track laid by Cindy Camp

This beagle worked slow and steady
through the whole track.
Another glove found. Congrats to Tracey Roth and Pebblemist's
Kid Under Construction CDX RN NA NAJ TD
on a track laid by Cindy Camp
This young Dal pulled so hard her
front feet barely touched the ground
Tom takes a moment to catch his breath. A new TD title for Tom Hacholski and
Tilbury's Cinnamon Splash of Pal
on a track laid by Vikki Youngmeyer.

Photos from our April 23, 2006 TD/TDX Test

Jeff retrieves an article that Nash found.

The guys work towards the woods.

Harmony Crosby Stills & Nash, owned by Nita Chambers and handled by Jeff Shaver, earned his TDX under Ginny Conway and Vince Ramirez on a track laid by Kathleen Milford.

Photos from our January 8, 2006 TD/TDX Test

The Labrador worked steadily
throughout its track.

It gave a strong indication at its glove.

Charlene Dunn and Dunn's Bandit CD RE earned her TD
under Kathleen Milford and Lynda McKee on a track laid by Karen Cloud.


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