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Photos from our January 9, 2005 TD/TDX Test

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David Meredith and his lab RJ.

The judges and AKC rep watch 
as the second team finds its first corner

Glenda Robbins & her Border Collie
 approaching their glove.

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Glenda Robbins earned her TD under Kathleen Milford and Sharon Jolly on a track laid by Sally Elkins

Cindy Lottinville and her American Staffordshire Terrier, Sally, worked confidently through their TDX track.

Sally works past the crosstracks.

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Cindy Lottinville earned her TDX under Linda Bryan and Sharon Jolly on a track laid by Karen Cloud.

A Miniature poodle worked TDX #3

A Dalmatian made a good show of TDX #4


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