Southwest Tracking Association
of Metropolitan Houston, Inc.

An AKC Licensed Club

Resources: Books 

Enthusiastic Tracking by William (Sil) Sanders

Following Ghosts by John Rice & Suzanne Clothier (Search and Rescue)

Scent and The Scenting Dog by William G. Syrotuck

Tracking Dog: Theory and Method by Glen R. Johnson

Tracking From the Ground Up by Sandy Ganz & Susan Boyd

Resources: Articles 

Tracking Basics - Jeff Shaver
STA Spring 2005 Newsletter
STA Winter 2004/2005 Newsletter
STA Fall 2004 Newsletter
STA Winter 2003/2004 Newsletter
STA Spring 2003 Newsletter
STA Spring 2002 Newsletter
STA Summer 2000 Newsletter (scanned)
STA Spring 1991 Newsletter (scan of the 2nd issue)
STA Winter 1991 Newsletter (scan of the 1st issue!)

Resources: Texas Snakes, Ticks and Animal Tracks  

Venomous Snakes of Texas information from the Texas Parks and Wildlife website about the 15 species of venomous snakes found in Texas.
Snake Bite Dos & Don'ts: From the American Hiking Society
Tick Diseases in Texas -- Protect your dog from Lyme disease and other tick-borne disease. Covers prevention, symptoms and treatment of dog tick diseases. Includes Dog tick photos, dog tick removal.
Ticks: Facts, ID and Prevention -- a excellent flyer from the state of Michigan
Animal Tracks - Identifying common animal tracks seen in the field

Resources: Aerial Photos of Local Test Sites  

Aerial view -- George Bush Park
Download a site plan of George Bush Park.
Campus map -- University of Houston
Campus map -- Rice University
Aerial view -- San Jacinto Monument and Battlegrounds

Links:  American Kennel Club 

Frequently Asked Questions

Links:  Clubs that hold all-breed Tracking Tests

Big Sky Tracking Dog Club of Montana
Dallas Obedience Training Club (TX)
Denver Foothills Tracking Association (CO)
Dog Tracking Club of Maine 
Durham Kennel Club (NC)
DFW Tracking Club (TX)
Gateway Tracking Club of St. Louis (MO)
Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club (MO)
Houston Obedience Training (HOT) Dog Club (TX)
Indian Nations Tracking Club (OK)
Louisiana Capital City Obedience Club (LA)
Moraine Tracking Club (IL)
Nashville Dog Training Club (TN)
Palo Alto Foothills Tracking Association (CA)
Pecatonica Tracking Club, Inc. (IL)
Rand Park Dog Training Club (IL)
Texas Tri-City Obedience Club, Inc. (TX)
Tracking Association of Northern Alabama (AL)
Tracking Club of Vermont (VT)
Tracking Club of Wisconsin (TCoW)
Tracking Club of El Paso (TX)

Links:  Email Discussion Groups

STA_in_Touch The purpose of this list is to provide information about tracking tests, matches, workshops, seminars, training opportunities, and other events of interest to dog owners who participate in AKC TRACKING activities in and around the HOUSTON, TEXAS area.

Tracking_Dog  A list for discussing all aspects of tracking dogs.

Trackingdogs offers discussion of the dog sport, tracking.  We mostly talk about AKC-style tracking, but other discussions (on topic, of course) are also welcome.  This list is a home for the tracking list originally housed at and more recently at

Training Tracking Dogs  a focused list where members are welcomed to bring up questions or pose discussion items on a weekly basis. In an effort not to take away from other existing lists, topics about AKC or CKC issues, test results, brags, or other such topics commonly discussed elsewhere are not appropriate for this list.

tracking-L  Tracking-L is a list for people who are interested in or currently involved in AKC, CKC and/or ASCA type tracking with their dogs.

tinytrackers a discussion list for current and past trainers of small dogs, under 20 pounds, who have various kennel clubs tracking titles or are learning to track. Whether you are an experienced trainer/ handler or someone that is just starting to track your small dog, this list needs you and should be of great help.


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