Southwest Tracking Association
of Metropolitan Houston, Inc.

An AKC Licensed Club

STA's Objectives:

  • promote the training of purebred dogs and their handlers;

  • conduct, support and promote tracking tests and sanctioned tracking matches under the rules of the American Kennel Club;

  • sponsor seminars, workshops and other related events;

  • encourage and promote the training of tracking judges; and

  • disseminate knowledge regarding tracking and encourage the organization of independent local tracking clubs in those areas where there is sufficient interest to meet the requirements of the American Kennel Club.


11/10/2018 - Jeff Shaver and
CT CH Blackwood Khaleesi, "Khali" (Rottweiler)
. Judges: Linda Baschnagel and Charlene Dunn
Houston, TX

6/10/2017 - Tom Hacholski and
CT CH Tilbury’s Tomorrow's Another Day of Pal
"Scarlett" (Dalmatian)
Judges: Darlene and John Barnard
DeKalb, IL

3/19/2017 - Kathleen Milford and
CT Bailiwick Vivian, CD BN RE TKI CGC
"Vivi" (Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Judges: Jack Sappenfield and Jon Bishop
Houston, TX

1/15/2017 - Jeff Shaver and
CT CH Blackwood French Connection
"Connor" (Rottweiler)
Judges: Darlene Barnard and Linda Baschnagel
FT. Worth, TX

1/1/2017 - Kathy McLemore and
Adamas Dancing Silver Star, VCD3 BN GO MX
MXB MXJ XF "Dance" (Doberman)
Judges: Carol Clark and Jeff Shaver
Houston, TX

1/1/2017 Pat Sayles and
Irish Coffey Shades of Green II
"Kelly" (Beagle)
Judges: Carol Clark and Jeff Shaver
Houston, TX

1/11/2015 - Jeff Shaver and
CT CH Blackwood Driving Miss Daisy "Daisy" (Rottweiler)
Judges: Stephanie Crawford & Linda Baschnagel
Ft. Worth, TX

12/28/2014 - Pat Jones and
Dal-Rhe River Run Irreplaceable UDX2 OM4 RAE TDU SH MXG MJS XF "Presto" (Golden Retriever)
 Judges: Jeff Shaver & Sally Elkins
Houston, TX

03/23/2014 - Gayle Mahar and
CH CT Southlake Hey Porter, BN RA CGC
"Max" (Basset Hound)
Judges:  Jeff Shaver & A J Knoll
Ft. Worth, TX
03/23/2014 - Marki Barta and
CT Black Bosim, TDU, "Drak"(Boxer)
Judges:  Jeff Shaver & A J Knoll
Ft. Worth, TX

1/13/2014 - Jeff Shaver and
CH CT Blackwood Midnight Cowboy (Rottweiler)
Judges:  Mitzi Young & Darlene Barnard
Ft. Worth, TX
03/24/2013 - Pat Sayles and
CT William Sayles, VST TDX OA OAJ RN (Beagle)
Judges:  Connie Austin & Uly James
Tulsa, OK

01/13/2013 - Karen Yates and
CT Mellowrose Glad All Over, VST TDX JH CD RA (Labrador)
Judges:  Beth Walker & Charlene Dunn
Bedford, TX

01/01/2012 - Jeff Shaver and
CT Harmony Crosby Stills & Nash
Judges:  Sally Elkins and Carol Clark
Houston, TX
Houston Obedience Training Dog Club

03/13/11 - Pat Jones and VCCH (CT MACH OTCH)
Goldenloch Force Ten RAE MH OAP OJP WCX ODHF ADHF "Stormy" (Golden Retriever)
Judges:  Darlene and John Barnard
Overland Park, Kansas
Gr. Kansas City Dog Training Club

04/25/10 - Jeff Shaver and
CT CH Evrmor's Rose Madder Blackwood (Rottweiler)
Judges:  AJ Knoll &
Kathryn Marshburn
Denver, Colorado
Denver Foothills Tracking Association

09/14/08 - Tom Hacholski and
CT Tilbury’s Cinnamon Splash of Pal
Judges:  Anne Hershey, M.D.
&  Kiki Lamb
Denver, Colorado
Columbine State Poodle Club
01/20/08 - Jeff Shaver and
CT CH Blackwood Langolier
Judges:  Carol Clark & Sally Elkins
Bedford, Texas
Dachshund Club of America
06/23/07 - Jeff Shaver and
CT Blackwood Jack Frost
Judges:  Darlene Barnard
& John Barnard
De Kalb, Illinois
Glenbard Obedience Training Club
05/20/07 - Tom Hacholski and
CT CH Tilbury's Dream Quest of Pal (Dalmatian)
Judges:  Jerry Lewis & Allison Platt
Golden, Colorado
Denver Foothills Tracking Club

04/22/07 - Jon Bishop and
CT CH Kennlee Energizer Bunny
(Irish Setter)
Judges:  Anne Hershey, M.D.
& Carol Pernicka
Denver, Colorado
Denver Foothills Tracking Association

11/26/06 - Sandra Shaner and
CT R and D Tetanus Lockjaw
 (American Staffordshire Terrier)
Judges:  Linda Bryan & Art Twiss
Houston, Texas
Southwest Tracking Association


STA Events Calendar

TDX Tracking Test
Live Oak Pet Services, Anderson, TX

February 10, 2019 (closes Jan 31st)
Contact: Anne Smith
Judges: Charlene Dunn and
Tom Hacholski

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